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  Satefy Month Contest

See Resources to Inspire

Safety Month will occur at YCS during November 2020. All residential programs are requested to participate (community and outpatient programs are encouraged) in one Safety Month activity

Residential programs are asked to complete at least one activity with the staff and clients to reinforce the topic of safety. Program Directors and House Managers are encouraged to participate along with all staff at each site. Some subjects are listed below, but programs are free to do any activity they think is beneficial to their program.

Some Possible Safety Month Subjects*

    Dealing with Aggression/Violence
    Fire Prevention/Response
    Natural Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
    Safety in the Community
    Dating/Relationship Safety
    Making Safe and Healthy Life Choices

* Please note: Depending on the nature of the activity, a program’s Safety Month activity could count as a Psychoeducation or Allied Therapy group session.

It is recommended that the clients have as much of an interactive role in the activity as possible. Creativity is the key to effective education.

The Resources to Inspire Guide has recommended information on many activities connected to the Casey Life Skills Program. Goal areas that relate to safety include Food and Nutrition - Meal Preparation, Home Safety, Computer and Internet Basics, Daily Living Permanency, Health Care, Personal Safety, Domestic Violence, and Transportation.

***Please submit a brief summary of the activity/activities (including who led the activity) to Rebecca St.Pierre ( by no later than December 10, 2020. The top three activities (as judged on creativity, benefit to clients and staff, and effectiveness of message) will be chosen by a judging committee and announced via email. Additionally, trophies will be given to the winning programs. ***

All programs and departments are encouraged to address the topic of safety throughout the month of November. We hope Safety Month will help YCS to further ensure the safety and security of our clients and staff. We look forward to seeing what your programs do, and we thank you for your efforts in this process.


Rebecca St.Pierre (Pera), MS
Quality Assurance Analyst
Youth Consultation Service
20 E. Evergreen Ave., Somerdale, NJ 08083
Cell: 856-534-0111
Fax: 856-309-5435