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Liberty Mutual Insurance Program

Liberty Mutual

A Message From Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual has partnered with YCS to offer employees special savings on quality auto and home insurance during your open enrollment period.1 And with benefits such as Loss Forgiveness2 and Accident Forgiveness3, and discounts such as Multi-Policy and Protective Devices, you’ll worry less and save more. You can also sign up for Payroll Deduction, and your Liberty Mutual Insurance monthly premium will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.4 Contact your local agent, Jason Tansey at 201-845-4300 ext. 51062, or visit Liberty Mutual to learn more or get a free quote.

1Auto and home insurance is a voluntary benefit, and you can switch anytime throughout the year. You are not limited to the open enrollment period.
2Subject to eligibility requirements. Benefits and eligibility requirements may vary by state.
3Accident Forgiveness is subject to terms and conditions of Liberty Mutual’s eligibility guidelines. Not available in CA and may vary by state.
4Payroll deduction available only through employer affinity groups.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Good Neighbor Program offers employee discounts on Audis, KIAs, VWs, furniture and more...

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle please call:

Andrew Douglas
201-796-8500 ext. 1566

Chelsea Lennon
201-796-8500 ext. 1654

Internal Ads

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

A Quarterly Program Seeking “Future Leaders of YCS” Four Northern Region and Four Southern Region Winners Each Year Cash Prize of $500 to Each Winner ~ Executive Cabinet Level are Not Eligible.

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Help Wanted

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Employee Recognition
  Future Leaders of YCS

THE YCS EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION PROGRAM strives to identify “FUTURE LEADERS OF YCS”- those employees who want to contribute even more to the growth and success of YCS. A future leader of YCS is someone who: Leads by Example, Take charge of situations, and is a problem solver.

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Watch Pete Hernandez speech at YCS Annual Meeting by clicking here

2nd Quarter 2015

Northern Region
Pete Hernandez

Asst Administrator
Holley Center

For the following exceptional behavior:

Our future leader from the Northern Region Holley Center has displayed dedication and devotion in every position he has held within YCS for the past 18 years. Pete treats the children in his program with the same respect and high regard he holds for everyone he comes into contact with. He puts the agency first, making sure the best interests of the agency are always met regardless of the obstacle. Pete is fiercely protective of and dedicated to the children entrusted in his care. Nothing gets in his way when he sees an opportunity to make the children feel special and safe and cared for…. And that is the heart of YCS. Pete is continuing his education so that he can grow along with the agency. When asked for one word to describe Pete - the word was devoted.

Southern Region
Alexis Baldon

Supervising Residential Assistant
Haddon Heights PCH

For the following exceptional behavior:

Our future leader from the Southern Region is a loyal, dedicated employee at the Haddon heights Home is very reliable – she arrives 30 minutes prior to her shift to complete a proper shift change report, volunteers for extra shifts or to stay as late as needed. On her own time, Alexis attends her clients’ milestone events such as graduations.

This future agency leader initiated a very successful program called- YOU WERE CAUGHT BEING GOOD- where she rewards her clients with prizes and special activities when they are doing great things to motivate them. Alexis recently changed her shift to the 11pm-7am shifts so she can attend college where she plans on earning a degree to enable her to become a case manager or therapist at YCS - and help even more YCS clients. When asked for one word to describe Alexis - unanimously the word was dedicated.